About Us

Larry started his family business in 1980 after being a teacher and trading on the weekends at the local flea market. When he realized that he could make more trading than his teacher salary, he started Shylock's Pawn 2. in Tazewell, TN. Once his space was depleted in his 2nd floor space he packed up all the items and shipped them a few blocks up the road to Downtown Middlesboro. 34 years later he has dove into many business opportunities, providing his family with lot's of business advise and expertise. 

Isaac owns Shylock's Pawn in Tazewell TN & East End Pawn in Middlesboro KY. He also owns and operates his own storage center outside of Tazewell, TN. Taking the experience growing up in the pawn business he now helps his dad manages East End Pawn. While also running and operating his other businesses. With a full schedule he finds time to raise his children and loves to go dirt bike riding.

Susannah is the "Jewelry Queen". Manager of the sister business Antique & Modern Jewelry, She sets her goals high to find quality pieces and find rare beauties. She also helps run her brothers jewelry in his two Shylock's Pawn Shops, Inc.

If you are looking for more custom or modern pieces of Jewelry, you can visit our other store "Antique & Modern Jewelry", by clicking the link below.